How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram?

Instagram has become an incredible source to share videos and photos. You upload your photos not only to share your wonderful moments with loved ones rather to promote your business. If you are new to this social media platform and want to share your best moments with your followers then the procedure is so simple.

Previously there was the restriction of adding multiple photos at one time but now there is no such issue present. You can quickly add about 10 photos and get the attraction of your fans. Now the question is how to add multiple photos on Instagram timeline or storyboard. Have a look at a simple 5 step procedure and upload your favorite images fastly.

Click On The Plus Icon

On the Instagram page, you will find five icons on the bottom. Starting from left there is home, search, plus, like, and friend icons. Click on the middle plus icon to choose the photos from the gallery or to capture the new one.

To add photos on the story simply hit on the plus icon on your profile picture to proceed to the next step.

Select The Photo

Now select the photo or videos you want to share. By pressing one photo for a few seconds will allow you to choose other photos at one time. Select the maximum 10 photos and hit on next.

Edit your photos

Now it’s time to make your photos more fascinating for your viewers. You can add some caption, date, emotion, or crop the useless stuff from your photo. Edit to give it a professional look especially if you are sharing for promotion purposes.

Select The Sharing Option

The personal Instagram account has many followers. Sometimes you want to share your photos to some contacts then there is an option of the privacy setting. Choose the followers with whom you want to share your experience. Now your pictures are ready to be displayed.

Share Your Pictures

After finalizing the editing and contact list hit on the share button to display on a storyboard or your timeline. It will remain on a story for 24 hours and disappear automatically. And your photos will remain on timeline till your followers keep on hitting like an option below your photo album.

Instagram has become one of the best sources to boost up your business level. So if you want to share your photos and want to get the likes from your viewers then you should add the photos or videos that are appealing. You can do it by

Adding an interesting caption with your photos. Although you can add only one caption with all photos by the use of hashtag you can make it persuading for visitors,

Secondly, you can use the photo caption to ask a question and keep your visitors involved in your post. Share the photo at right time with the right caption and hashtags then you will see how your number of followers rises in a short time. Thus, it will help you to take the business to the next level.

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