Best free games without WiFi | Best Offline Android Games

In the year 2014, Google introduced the offline games into Google Play Store listing. You can find here offline Android games either free or paid. These games are the great addition for those who play on the tablet or mobile. Additionally, your kids can also play these games on tablets. As there is no SIM card in Android tablets and mostly they work on the WIFI connection. So you can enjoy these games if you have no WIFI or data access around. These offline games are not only free of cost but also stay you entertained for hours. In this post, you will discover some best offline Android games. They are easy to download and have ready for when you have no internet or data connection.

Best Offline Games for Android

Flick QuarterBack 17

Flick game is one of the best offline games for android and it is all-time favorites of many gamers. It is the definitive time-passing game with loads of fun. The notion is simple; you’ll play a football game using the flick of a finger. This is so exciting, isn’t it? Flick QuarterBack 17 has loads of various game modes, vivid graphics that make this game more appealing and challenging. But its in-app purchases won’t function when you’re not connected with internet. But it will allow you to take part in accuracy challenge and throw Touchdowns. Similar games such as golf, baseball, soccer and many more are also available on Google play store. You can opt what sport you love the most.


This game is like Angry Birds that can never die as millions of people like and play this game even old-age people play it consistently. You can play it on Facebook too. It is more than an addicting game. Its unique and classic name appeals the most of the people. This is one of the best offline Android games that are perfect for traveling. Test your skills with its new version named new Bejeweled Blitz. You can play its classic version while on traveling that will never get you bored during a long flight. Almost, every Bejeweled game works with no internet connection or $G LTE.


Stack looks like a very simple game that you can play offline. You need to stack the blocks on a tower just like you played in your childhood. The only difference is that the block goes backward and forward and you need to drop it on a right place in less time. Stack has great graphics, soothing sound and the game plays tremendously suave.

Just remember, don’t put the block down utterly impeccable, and aligned, the following one gets smaller. Ultimately, you’ll be attempting to drop small blocks on a big tower loaded as high as the clouds. It is more challenging and frustrating as you play the game to get faster. Sometimes, it sounds so pointless but the developers made this a stunningly challenging with loads of fun. It can give you anxiety but it is a good game to keep yourself entertained.


These best offline android games are ultimate entertainment and fun to pass the time, especially when are on traveling. Leave a comment and let us know which offline game for Android you like the most.

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